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Pearl & Jacquie 2008 Maple Springs

Thank You Jacquie!

Jacquie has been our Camp Amasa Director since 2008 when she started at Maple Springs! God has lead Jacquie for 15 years to build a wonderful camp experience that we all have grown to love since His love is abundant in her and at every camp!  Jacquie will be assisting Dan & Pearl Hiemstra (new Amasa Camp Directors) in the transition year of 2024.  Some of you might remember Pearl as a speaker and both Dan and Pearl as cabin leaders over the years.

Please take a moment please to pray for Jacquie as she helps us transition and moves onto her retirement journey, and also pray for Dan and Pearl as they take on the calling He has given them in providing the blessings of His glory!

Pearl & Jacquie Maple Springs Camp 2008